An exemplary Dzongkhag in sustainable socio-economic development, preservation and promotion of culture and conservation of bio-diversity in pursuit of a happy society.


To ensure sustainable socio-economic development, preservation of culture, heritage and conservation of natural resources for the well-being of the people.


The following are the objectives of the Sector:

  1. To Conduct Annual Census.
  2. To Transfer Census.
  3. To Process Citizen/SRP Card for first time and CID/SRP Renewal.
  4. To Change Information.
  5. Issue Household information.
  6. To Process Naturalization.
  7. To enhance efficiency and effectiveness of public service delivery.
  8. To implement National Integrity and Anti-corruption Strategy.
  9. To collect and submit information in a timely manner.




Attachment Size
Birth-Registration-Form-BCRS-BR-01.pdf 1.18 MB
Information-on-Birth-BCRS-IB-01.pdf 234.87 KB
Statement-of-Guarantor-BCRS-BR-GS-01.pdf 691.55 KB
Naturalization_Regularization-Form-BCRS-CR-01.pdf 1.68 MB
New-CID_SR-Card-Application-Form-BCRS-CID_SRC-01.pdf 1.55 MB
New-CID_SR-Card-Application-Form-BCRS-CID_SRC-02.pdf 967.02 KB
Replacement-of-CID_SR-Card-Application-Form-BCRS-CID_SRC-REP-01.pdf 1.51 MB
Name-Change-Age-Correction-Application-Form-BCRS-NCAC-01-Copy.pdf 1.44 MB
BCRS-VR-Move-In-Move-Out-01.pdf 1.26 MB
BCRS-Move-In-Move-Out-02.pdf 1.51 MB
BCRS-Move-In-Move-Out-01.pdf 1.59 MB
Individual-Information-Updation-Form-BCRS-CI_SRI-DS01.pdf 1.5 MB
Change-of-HoH-Application-Form-BCRS-HOH-01-1.pdf 1.61 MB
No-Objection-Letter_HOH.pdf 829.11 KB
Household-Information-Nationality-Certificate-Application-Form-BCRS-HI_NC-01.pdf 1.43 MB
Death-Registration-Form-BCRS-DR-01.pdf 1.78 MB
Statement-of-Death-Form-BCRS-DR-SD-01.pdf 253.36 KB
BR_Tshogpa statement.pdf 121.88 KB