Bumthang is a holy and sacred place. There are numerous cultural and religious sites spread across the nook and corner of the district. Many tourists both national and internationals visit these sacred places. Quite often the visitors do not know, have information on the locations, distances and sacredness of these sacred places especially the lhakhangs (monasteries).  Occasionally the lhakhangs are found locked and disappoints the visitors.

Therefore, this traveler’s guide is aimed at providing a basic information on locations, distances, main nangtens (statues and relics) and contact numbers of caretakers or responsible lamas of each lhakhangs. In the event the caretakers or responsible lamas do not respond to the calls or changed their contact numbers, the visitor can call the respective tshogpas (elected representative of the village(s). The tshogpas are elected for a term of five years.

Click following links to view guides for all gewogs;
1. Chokhor Gewog: http://bumthang.gov.bt/embed…/chokhor-gewog-travellers-guide
2. Chumey Gewog: http://bumthang.gov.bt/embedd…/chumey-gewog-travellers-guide
3. Tang Gewog: http://bumthang.gov.bt/embedded…/tang-gewog-travellers-guide
4. Ura Gewog: http://bumthang.gov.bt/embedded-…/ura-gewog-travellers-guide
5. Chamkhar Thromde: http://bumthang.gov.bt/embedded-…/Chamkhar Thorm-travellers-guide


"Towards Beautiful Bumthang"