15 March 2022

The Million Fruit Trees Plantation, a collaborative program between the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests and De-suung National Service was launched successfully across all four Gewogs in Bumthang on 15th March 2022. 31 Desuups lead by 5 Gojays and Local Government Officials took part in the inaugural planting session. The Dzongkhag level Launching ceremony held at Gyaltsa, Chumey was graced by Dzongkhag Tshokdu Thridzin and Gewog Thridzins at the Gewog level.  During the launching ceremony, 42 fruit saplings symbolizing the 42nd birth anniversary of His Majesty the King were planted by Desuups in the farmers’ field. Five types of fruits peach, plum, walnut, almond, and pear were planted.

The program is a vision of His Majesty the King to provide the opportunity for 1259 rural farming households in the Dzongkhag to plant high-value fruit trees and enhance income. The Launching ceremony was jointly organized by the Dzongkhag Administration and Gewog Administration. Over a period of one month, Desuups will plant 14,278 fruit saplings of 10 different fruit types in farmers’ fields while 19 schools will plant a total of 264 assorted fruit saplings in their respective schools.