Tue, 16 April 2019
Sat, 20 April 2019
Ura- Dozhi, Ura Gewog, Bumthang

Once upon a time, it is believed that, the Ura Yakchoe festival was celebrated to appease and make offerings to the god of yak. It was a practice emerging from bonism, which was common before the advent of Buddhism in the 18th Century.

The festival continues to be named Yakchoe but it took a turn in terms of significance and practice.                                                  Ura Yakchoe is now celebrated in honour of a status of Chador, a manifestation of Vajrapani. 
The statue of Chador is brought from Gaden, Ura to bless the community and those who attend the festival. Legends have it that the statue is a gift from Guru Rinpoche to the people of Ura. The arrival of the statue is shrouded in mystery, but worshipped with faith, devotion and awe.

The first day of Ura Yakchoe honors with receiving of a sacred treasure (Chagdhor Toen), a manifestation of Vajrapani and a dharma protector, from Gaden Temple to Ura Temple. A manifested man called Gaden Gathpo will lead the treasure entourage to Ura Temple where this treasure will be offered Marchang in several places. 


  1. Day 1. Receiving of a sacred treasure (Chagdhor Toen), a manifestation of Vajrapani  from Gaden Temple to Ura Temple.                                    
  2. Day 2. Shinji Phomo, Dramitse Ngachham, Throchu, Zhanak and Ajophento.  
  3. Day 3. Draleypangtey, Chhungzhi, Peling Gingsum, Tsholing Ging and Pholek Molek.                                          
  4. Day 4. Shazam, Raksha Mangchham and Shawa Shakhe.                                   
  5. Day 5. Thongdroel, Yedam wang and Pachham

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