Chumig Gewog is located in South-western part of Bumthang Dzongkhag bordered by Chhoekhor Gewog to North, Ura Gewog to the East, Trongsa Dzongkhag to West and Zhemgang Dzongkhag to South. Total area coverage is approximately 404 square kilometres. Its altitude ranges from 2200-4485 meters above sea level. Total number of population till date is approximately 2900.

In Chummy Gewog there are 21 villages with 13 Tshogpas, about 291 households, 5 schools, one BHU and 3 ORCs(Out Reach Clinics). Also there are two Dratshangs, one Gomday and one old recognized dzong, Tashichholing Dzong in Domkhar village which was renovated as a residential palace for our beloved fifth king.

The schools include three community schools namely Gaytsa Community Primary School, Chungphel Community Primary School, Zungye Community Primary School, one Middle Secondary School namely Chumig Middle Secondary School and one Private School, Sonam Kuenphen Higher Secondary School.

There are 4 Non Formal Education center and one Vocational Training Institute for students who could not complete their tenth standard.

There are two Yathra factories in Chumig Gewog at Nanger village. Yathras are hand woven cloth piece made out of wool and are mainly used for making bags, jackets, seat covers, table clothes, scarfs and etc.

There are three sawmills, one in Domkhar village and two in Hurjey.

Actually Chummy Gewog is divided into Upper Chummy and Lower Chummy. Main livelihood of the people living in Upper Chumig is Agriculture and for the people of Lower Chumig, it is Yathra weaving. Other livelihood includes livestock rearing.
The food crops produced in Chumig Gewog are wheat, barley, sweet buckwheat and the Cashcrop produced are mainly potatoes.

One mini hydropower house is located at Nangar village. The electricity produced by the mini hydropower is shared by Chumig Gewog, Chhoekhor Gewog and Trongsa Dzongkhag.

Some villages of Lower Chumig like Zhurik, Kershok, Veem, Chungphel are provided with solar electricity. In Upper Chumig few places are not provided with electricity namely Zhicha, Tharpaling Dratshang and Nimalung Dratsang.

Festivals in Chumig Gewog are:

  1. Domkhar Tsechu
  2. Buli Drup
  3. Nimalung Tenda
  4. Trakar Duechoe




No tourist destinations in this Gewog.